For over 100 years CIC Credit has effectively and successfully established themselves within the credit reporting business serving the industry since 1921. With years of combined credit related experience, CIC Credit holds a vast variety of highly advanced credit tools and resources. The business is a reseller of all three national credit repositories. Whether you’re seeking mortgage credit reports or single bureaus for your credit applications, CIC has you covered thanks to our state-of-the-art cloud-based delivery system executing instant, real-time results. CIC also has an award-winning API delivery system. This way we can integrate our product delivery into your customer system, or with any of the 50 (plus) origination systems on the market today.

In order to protect your business from lost revenue through employee turnover, bad publicity, lawsuits, regulations, fines, and internal theft, it’s imminent to utilize professional background screening processes. CIC Credit has the capability to customize each client’s online screening platform to ensure industry regulations, state laws, federal las, and hiring criteria thanks to our screening experts and innovative technology.

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